Weihnachten Hlash Rainer Gmbh

Thank you!

An unusual year swiftly draws to a close. A year that has presented us all with unexpected challenges. Many things that are usually normal for us have been turned upside down this year: visits, hugging friends, the welcoming handshake with business partners, drinking coffee together, the direct exchange of knowledge.

These challenges have also led us on new paths in our means of contact with you as our customers and suppliers.

We had to keep our distance and will probably have to keep it for a while. Within the bounds of possibility, we are and remain within reach. We are only a (video) call away for you; customers, interested parties and suppliers alike.

Thank you, dear customers and suppliers of Rainer GmbH and HLash GmbH, for the trustful cooperation this year.

We wish you and your families a peaceful Advent season, Merry Christmas and a healthy, successful New Year.

There is no substitute for face-to-face contact. We hope that in 2021 we will be able to return to tried and tested working methods and combine them with newly acquired ones for your benefit.

Stay healthy!