Load Securement in Container

Load Securement in Container

The ideal load securement in any container is compliant with current regulations, has an exact fit and is certified.

We developed different types of cargo restraining systems for the safe transport of your products in any ISO-container.

Whether via road, rail or by sea: Our cargo securement systems are certified for the intermodal transport of your goods, worldwide.

Next to professional consultation and support we develop specific loading recommendations and offer individual training of your employees as part of our service.

All HLash-Systems are compliant with current laws and regulations:

  • Internationally: CTU – Code of Practice
  • Regional Regulation and Guidelines: DIN EN 12195, VDI 2700 ff., UIC – Loading Guideline (3rd edition), Intermodal Loading Guide of the AAR/TTCI, North American Cargo Securement Standard

Our Cargo Securement Consultants are looking forward to supporting you in choosing the ideal container securement solution.

HLash cargo securing products specifically for your particular application

Restraining System RHS


  • for varying loads
  • easy and quick to use
  • modular
  • certified
  • AAR approved (non hazmat) versions available
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Container Lashing System CLS


  • for recurring shipments
  • easy and quick to handle
  • pre-assembled
  • certified
  • patented
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Container Lashing CL


  • for light duty shipments (≤ 8 t)
  • easy and quick to handle
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Additional Securing Equipment

HLash GmbH/LLC regards itself as a full-service provider.

Not only do we develop the ideal cargo securing system for your goods in a container.

Our customers receive a comprehensive cargo securement solution, including a detailed tailor-made loading recommendation.

The securing equipment additionally recommended by our cargo securement engineers like e.g. load unit securement, dunnage bags, blocking lattice, corner protection or non-slip materials complement our product range.

Safety is highly important for every loading process, as is the time factor.

All offered securing equipment and ergonomic tools are tried and tested and support process cost optimization during the loading process.


Cargo Securement Consulting

Load Securement Consulting

Our customers receive a comprehensive cargo securement solution.

A few steps to safely secure your cargo in a container:

  1. Initial consultation with our Cargo Securement Consultants to discuss the assignment.
  2. On-site (worldwide) situation analysis of current cargo securement and loading process.
  3. Development of a tailor-made cargo securing solution for container transport in consideration of additional securing equipment. Possibility to run trials on our inhouse load securement testing facility.
  4. Presentation of a detailed report, including a well-arranged set of loading recommendations.
  5. Offer to train your employees in the handling of our specific cargo securement solution. Training can take place in German, English, Spanish,Turkish as well as other languages.

Loading Recommendations

HLash Verladeanweisung

At the end of our HLash cargo securement consultation we calculate the exact configuration of the proposed cargo restraining system.

Attached to our detailed report, subject to all current regulations, you will receive a clearly structured loading recommendation.

The loading recommendation clearly states where to place the load units. It also proposes additional securing equipment that should be used to obtain i. a. ideal form lock.


Zertifikate Ladungssicherung

When submitting our restraining systems to a recognized certification process, our main emphasis is on their applicability in combination with your goods.

A tailor-made HLash cargo securement concept always takes characteristics and specifications of the packaging into account. During certifications we therefore preferably test our restraining systems with proper goods from customers (or adequate substitute materials).

We collaborate with recognized, independent testing institutes for all of our certification processes.

Testing Facility

At the premises of our associate Rainer GmbH we run trials under real conditions on our restraining systems RHS as well as fully secured shipments.

Main testing stations at our disposal are:

  • rail impact tests on the basis of UIC and AAR specifications
  • road braking tests up to 0.8g towards container doors
  • mobile tilt-angle test stand for load units, DIN EN 12195
  • mobile horizontale impact test stand for load units
  • 0µ-cargo sled to test restraining devices under consistent conditions

The testing facility is also used to prepare upcoming certifications and to test third-party container shipments. This option is open to all our customers giving us the chance to continuously enhance our methods and devices. We are looking forward to testing your ideas of cargo securement!

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