HLash LLC in USA

HLash GmbH starts operation in the United States of America

Following the successful beginning of operations of the European HLash GmbH, the owners of HLash have now taken another step forward and formed HLash LLC in the USA. Starting now, the HLash LLC operates from its offices in Valparaiso, IN to provide certified cargo restraining systems for intermodal containers.

The reason for starting another operation in the US is the increasing number of North American clients and the growing interest for HLash products and services there. According to Andreas Rainer, CEO of HLash GmbH: “Thanks to our new offices we can provide the level of quality and short response times that our European clients are used to. Products can be send directly from Indiana, so that waiting time for products shipped from Germany has been eliminated”. HLash LLC offers, just as the European HLash GmbH, always certified and tested products. And, just as in Europe, all systems are provided with on site service and adjusted to the individual clients needs. The office is located at

5  Washington St, Suite 300 #2,
Valparaiso, IN46383,
Tel. 219-697-1600,